Herbert. Barbarian in the Garden

Herbert. Barbarian in the Garden
dir. Rafael Lewandowski/Poland, France/2021/95 min.
Gdynia Film Centre, sala Warszawa
Gdynia Film Centre, sala Warszawa

Polish author Zbigniew Herbert is one of the most remarkable poets of the 20th century. His works have been translated into 40 languages, acclaimed and awarded around the world, mainly because of its timeless and universal dimension. In Poland, his significance is even greater, as Herbert was a moral guide in his native country. His poetry was of great importance during the fight against communism. Many Poles learned his poems by heart and remember them up to this day. However, behind the crystalline beauty of his poetry, there is a man struggling with everyday life. His story told by his wife, Katarzyna, and people who were close to him unveils a picture of a unique, yet complex artist. A model of intelligence, humour and charm, on the one hand, Herbert has been struggling with anger, physical pain and mental illness, on the other.


  • projection time:
    95 min.
  • country/year:
    Poland, France /2021
  • director:
    Rafael Lewandowski
  • pictures:
    Jakub Burakiewicz
  • production:
    Maria Blicharska, Hélène Zaleski, Monika Szaniawska - Szafrańska / Donten & Lacroix Films, Lutetia Arabians, Blick Productions
  • awards :
    2021 – Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festiwal: World Premiere

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