Tickets and practical information


Ticket online sales start on and on August 19. Ticket sales start at the box office in the Lower Silesian Film Centre on August 24.

Lower Silesian Film Centre

Piłsudskiego 64a

50-020 Wroclaw


Ticket prices

14 PLN - Tickets for screenings before 4 p.m.

18 PLN - Tickets for screenings after 4 p.m.

14 PLN each - Single purchase of 6 tickets for any screenings. This package isn’t available to buy online.


12 PLN  - Tickets for screenings for seniors, with a relevant document

12 PLN per person - Tickets for screenings from the OKI DOKI Documentary Academy film block

10 PLN —Tickets for organised groups (schools)


Tickets cannot be booked online.

You can buy tickets online only in 14 PLN or 18 PLN.

Once purchased, tickets cannot be returned.

Seats are not numbered!


Accompanying events

Free entrance if seats are available or within special registration. Priority for holders of tickets for films accompanying discussions or meetings. Details on page XX.

ATTENTION: Time for a given event, specified in the program, is the time the screening begins! Right after the screening, the accompanying event starts, unless indicated otherwise.

Festival centre

The festival centre is in the Lower Silesia Film Centre. Open every day an hour before the first screening till the beginning of the last screening.

You can buy limited number of our gadgets at festival center!


Foreign films are screened with Polish subtitles. Most films are screened with English subtitles.

Films from the OKI DOKI Documentary Academy block are screened with Polish voice-over.

Social media

Facebook: MillenniumDocsAgainstGravity

Facebook: MDAGWroclaw

Instagram: millenniumdocsagainstgravity

YouTube: MillenniumDocsAgainstGravityFilmFestival



Please remember to read the Festival Regulations (available on the website and in the festival's venues) before buying a ticket. Please follow the rules of the sanitary regime.

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