People have hurt us and people are supposed to help us

Saturday, September 4 | 13:15 | Warszawa Room

People have hurt us and people are supposed to help us. Meeting with Mikołaj Górny

After the screening of the film REWIND, dir. Sasha Joseph Neulinger.

In Polish

Partners:  Centrum Psyche, Honorary patronage : Fundacja Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę

We finally are starting to talk about it openly! The issue of children’s sexual abuse, marital rapes or harassment in artistic schools are just several examples of problems which have recently been present in the public space. During the meeting, we will talk about why so many people are only able to talk about their traumas years later. How to work through a trauma effectively and how can art help us do it? Why do people still disbelieve children who are victims, not only of crimes but also of victim blaming or shaming? How to help a child who has recently gone through a trauma so that he or she recovers? And – last but not least – what can we do ourselves if we know children are being hurt?


Mikołaj Górny - psychologist, certified Gestalt psychotherapist. Co-founder of the Psyche Center in Gdańsk. Member of the Polish Psychological Society and Polish Society for Gestalt Psychotherapy.


Przemek Rydzewski – co-creator and coordinator of the Tricity edition of Millennium Docs Against Gravity.