Debate: Will the teenage Greta Thunberg awaken the world? Following the screening of I Am Greta, dir. Nathan Grossman

Saturday, Saturday 4 | 6:00 pm | Kinoteka 1

Debate: Will the teenage Greta Thunberg awaken the world? Following the screening of I AM GRETA, dir. Nathan Grossman.

In Polish, screening with audiodescription

Partner: WWF Poland, Pismo Magazyn Opinii

Greta Thunberg became the icon of the battle against climate change as well as the object of attacks by climate denialists and a section of the political class that does not want to seriously combat climate change. Surprisingly enough, a 15-year-old is harder to silence than many university professors or experienced activists; her determination and devotion did more good than a thousand words. Greta started a seemingly unstoppable avalanche of protests and changes. Can we manage to evade a climate catastrophe? Can mass protests change the world when their opponents are huge corporations and political interests? What is the power of the youngest generation?


Dominika Lasota - Youth Climate Strike activist, Lasota also develops the Strażnicy Przyszłości initiative supporting young people in working toward a good future.

Mikołaj Borowy - film director and social activist. Collaborated with Extinction Rebellion, Youth Climate Strike, and Camp for Climate. The Last Generation, premiering this year at Docs Against Gravity, is his documentary debut.

Tomasz Markiewka - philosopher, opinion journalist, translator, lecturer at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. His book Zmienić świat raz jeszcze contemplates our choices in the face of the climate catastrophe. Markiewka’s other books include Język neoliberalizmu and Gniew.

Prof. Szymon Malinowski — eminent Polish atmospheric physicist, Earth scientist, corresponding member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Director of the Institute of Geophysics at the University of Warsaw.


Katarzyna Karpa-Świderek - media advisor to the Board and spokeswoman of WWF Polska, she represents the organization in the media, participates in debates with businesses and students, and carries out educational activities on climate protection and biodiversity.