Workshop: Be like Bruce Lee, discover self-defense techniques. Following the screening of Be Water

Sunday, September 12 | 12:00 am | Kinoteka 7

Workshop: Be like Bruce Lee, discover self-defense techniques

Following the screening of "Be Water", dir. Bao Nguyen

Partner: Polish Wing Tsun Association

The event is organized in cooperation with U.S. Embassy in Poland.

Wing Tsun Kung Fu is a martial art developed by grandmasters of the Shaolin monastery. One of them had been a nun specializing in Chinese boxing. By order of the emperor they developed methods that could be rapidly learned by soldiers, dropping all the unnecessary moves to leave only the efficient ones. Wing Tsun lets smaller and weaker individuals defend themselves in dangerous situations. Workshop attendees will learn the main ideas of Wing Tsun related to the traditional philosophy of Chinese Kung Fu and perform several simple exercises.

The workshop will be taught by instructors of the Polish Wing Tsun Association