Debate: The results of abortion bans. When the government persecutes instead of protecting

Saturday, September 11 | 4:00 pm | Kinoteka 1

Debate: The results of abortion bans. When the government persecutes instead of protecting

Following the screening of "Fly So Far ", dir. Aliaksei Paluyan.

In Polish

Partner: Amnesty International

30 years behind the bars for a miscarriage; a ban on terminating pregnancies resulting from rape; stigmatization… Sounds like hell? It’s the reality in El Salvador, where abortion is banned and criminalized. It’s the reality where unfairly sentenced women seek justice, supported by people all over the world who are shocked by this barbarity. What caused this terrifying situation and warped the system? What results from a near-total ban on abortion? How far exactly is Poland on this dangerous route and how to counteract it? We will discuss extremism and mechanisms of repression, but also fortitude, sisterhood, and the power of solidarity.


Miko Czerwiński - Equal Treatment Coordinator in Amnesty Polska. Miko has been collaborating with AI since 2013, starting as an educator and volunteer. He worked on numerous social campaigns, including My Body My Rights and YES means love. Feminist and LGBTQIA activist.

Teodora del Carmen Vásquez - the protagonist of "Fly So Far", a Salvadoran woman sentenced to 30 years in prison after having a miscarriage; renowned activist for women's rights; founder of the Mujeres Libres el Salvador, an organization that helps women (and their families) who were unjustly convicted for pregnancy loss. Awarded the Per Anger Prize by the Swedish g overnment for her human rights efforts.

Celina Escher - the director of "Fly So Far", in her work she focuses on women: their path to emancipation or the socio-political conditions in which they live. Her work have been shown at festivals in France, USA, Great Britain, Germany and others, including the New Latin American Cinema Festival in Havana and the Latin American Film Festival in Vancouver.


Karolina Domagalska - activist and journalist, author of the first Polish podcast on abortion "Coś na A" and the book "Nie przeproszę, że urodziłam. Historie rodzin z in vitro". Works in the Feminoteka Foundation.