Debate: Raising children in same-sex couples. Following the screening of All Together, dir. Marco Simon Puccioni

Sunday, September 5 | 4:00 pm | Kinoteka 1

Debate: Raising children in same-sex couples

Following the screening of All Together, dir. Marco Simon Puccioni.

In Polish

Partners: Campaign Against Homophobia, NOIZZ

The highlight of social debate on rainbow families in Poland is a snarky quip that plenty of children are raised by two people of the same sex: Mom and Grandma. In our country, same-sex couples raising children together are demonized and called a threat to the “traditional family”. However, disparity in rights will not make these families disappear. The West had already learned tolerance, but is Poland ready to admit that everyone deserves equal rights? Join us for a debate on rainbow families, same-sex parenthood, and adoption after the screening of All Together, a documentary showing that not too far from Poland there is a world where men can be excellent fathers for their sons without shying from difficult questions.


Ewelina i Kasia Domańskie —Ewelina and Kasia have been a couple for 10 years. Together with their daughter, the 2.5-years-old Amelia, they make a rainbow family. Ewelina is a preschool teacher and Kasia an automotive sales consultant; they also run the @original_great_family Instagram account. All three starred in rainbow4love, an ad promoting local LGBT+ initiatives.

Karolina Gierdal — since 2017, she has been running a law firm providing legal assistance to people who are discriminated against. Gierdal works with the Campaign Against Homophobia and represents children of rainbow families in the European Human Rights Tribunal.

Dr Daniel Bąk, PhD — certified Gestalt psychotherapist, group trainer, teacher, consultant. Accredited Gender, Sexual & Relationship Diversities therapist.


Maja Heban — transgender activist, editor at