Sensible Film Therapy: People hurt us, so people must help us

Wednesday, September 8 | 8:00 pm | Kinoteka 7

Sensible Film Therapy: People hurt us, so people must help us

Following the screening of "Rewind", dir. Sasha Joseph Neulinger.

In Polish

Partners: Sens,, Empowering Children Foundation

The event is organized in cooperation with U.S. Embassy in Poland.

Childhood sexual abuse is one thing; marital rape is another; mobbing in art schools is yet another subject. There’s a range of topics we could discuss: why a lot of people are only able to talk about their trauma many years after the fact; dissociation or cutting off difficult experiences; inherited trauma; victim shaming and victim blaming… and the fact that recovery is faster if even one person believes, supports, and assists a victim of trauma.


Jolanta Zmarzlik - graduate of the Institute of Social Prevention and Rehabilitation Faculty at the University of Warsaw. Specialist in protecting children from abuse at the Empowering Children Foundation. Provides court expert opinions and holds workshops on abused child issues.

Robert Mielcarek - psychologist, therapist, soft skills coach, co-author of a project on psychological education through film (, graduate of the StoryLabPro Yearlong Screenwriting Course, moderator, expert psychologist.

Agnieszka Czapczyńska - specializes in individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, development workshops for women, conducting supervision and training in counteracting domestic violence.

Urszula Nawrot - photographer, director, screenwriter, actress. Her works use the poesy of image and symbolism to cope with spirituality, feelings, and emotions warped by traumatic experiences.


Martyna Harland - psychologist at the SWPS University, graduate of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies at SWPS and the Warsaw Film Academy. Harland works as a culture journalist at TVP, developing her passion for culture and psychology.