Open screening of Seven Rooms

Friday, September 3 | 13:00 | Kinoteka 2

Open screening of Seven Rooms

Admission is free; limited number of seats available. Seats assigned in order of arrival.

Directors: Bartek Błędowski, Maja Markowska, Iga Sadowska, Maja Górczak, Dorota Bator, Milena Mądra, Natalia Nowicka, Poland 2020, 94 min

7 short films by young directors. It is the first stage of the pandemic; the creators share the lockdown experience and uncertainty about the future. Time is slowing down, ambulance sirens and stern warnings over the loudspeaker keep echoing in the streets. What are things like at home? Every one of them has their own methods of coping with the lockdown and loneliness: some unusual, others just about surreal. One director longs to see their father who’s been unable to return from abroad for many months; another needs to take care of their dying grandpa as hospitals only admit COVID patients; yet another finds the constant presence of their boyfriend a true lesson in life. A young woman who recently moved out on her own misses her family home; another, an immigrant, finds refuge in her boyfriend and learning to tango. In yet another household the beloved white rabbit helps dispel tensions within the family. Will we recognize our own experiences of these times in these short films?

The film was realized as part of the First Film project organized by the Władysław Ślesicki Foundation and overseen by Maciej Cuske, Marcin Sauter, and Edyta Wróblewska.