Meeting: Pinball and other fixations. Tales of the geeks. Following the screening of Cannon Arm and The Arcade Quest, dir. Mads Hedegaard

Wednesday, September 8 | 8:00 pm | Luna B

Meeting: Pinball and other fixations. Tales of the geeks

Following the screening of "Cannon Arm and The Arcade Quest", dir. Mads Hedegaard

In Polish

Partner: K MAG

Before the screening, you will be able to play pinball machines from the 'Pinball Station' Interactive Pinball Museum.

We were inspired to talk about humans and their passions by the story of Kim “Cannon Arm” Købke trying to beat his unbelievable record for playing an arcade game. We’re particularly interested in seemingly unnecessary passions, those frequently deemed “harmless peculiarities”. Games are just a single example—anything can be a passion! There are people who can’t imagine not collecting objects, others lose themselves in gardening after work, others still spend insane amounts of time playing board games. And that’s great! After all, our hobbies let us take life with a smile and survive difficult times. Join us to talk with people so hyped up about their hobbies, they don’t care what others think.


Paweł Nowak – co-owner of the 'Pinball Station' Interactive Pinball Museum in Warsaw. He has been collecting pinballs for twenty years and now decided to share his passion with everyone.

Reni Jusis – singer, composer, songwriter, producer and DJ who has been a fixture on the Polish music scene for over twenty years. She loves essential oils and aromatherapy.

Adam Pluciński – a fashion and celebrity photographer who took photos for the biggest brands and collaborated with top models. When not working, he is busy with keeping bees in the countryside.

Julia Banaś – one of the most popular Polish fashion models. She worked with brands such as Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Emporio Armani. In her spare time she dabbles in ceramics.

Lanberry – the stage name of Małgorzata Uściłowska, a pop singer, songwriter and composer, who has released three albums so far, including her latest, Co gryzie Panią L? Outside music her passion is creating collages.


Radosław Pulkowski - as a journalist, Pulkowski covers culture in its many forms. His articles appeared in such magazines as Dwutygodnik, Playboy, Esquire, Wprost, Twórczość and—naturally—K MAG. Commissioning editor at