Meeting: Travel (in) photos

Saturday, September 11 | 3:30 pm | Kino Muranów, Gerard screening room

Meeting: Travel (in) photos

Following the screening of "Ski", dir. Manque La Banca, "Miczika is Not Afraid of Airplanes", dir. Anna Baumgart, and "Journey Diary", dir. Anna Baumgart

In Polish

Partner: Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

Anna Baumgart’s latest film projects interrogate the idea of a journey, sometimes an impossible one. Her "Miczika is Not Afraid of Airplanes" examines the extent to which the early 20th century story of Evenk guide Miczika and Polish anthropologist Maria Antonina Czaplicka is a universal tale about power relationships in describing the world. "Journey Diary" was inspired by Mieczysława Nogajewska, the prewar proprietress of "Foto-Elite", Gdynia's most famous photography studio. This film makes use of female travelers’ observations, selected and adapted by Prof. Małgorzata Radkiewicz, PhD, who will interview Anna Baumgart about the capturing of travel-related experiences in still photos and on film. The event will also feature a photo presentation.

Prof. dr hab. Małgorzata Radkiewicz - film scholar, Jagiellonian University employee, focusing on cultural identity in contemporary cinema and visual arts. Her research interests include women’s work in cinema, photography, and art.

dr Anna Baumgart - post-conceptual artist, director, and scenographer. Doctrix of art. Recipient of numerous Ministry of Culture and National Heritage grants. Her cinematic, performance, and sculptural works have been featured on many exhibitions in Poland and abroad, as well as at video art and documentary festivals.