Sentenced. Photo exhibition

Kinoteka, 3-12 September

Sentenced. Photo exhibition

Photo exhibition

„Sentenced” is an exhibition which features three women – Norma, Tyler and Jacinta. Jacinta is also the protagonist of the film Jacinta, nominated this year for the Grand Prix of the festival, with Jessica Earnshaw being the director of this film as well as the photographer behind these photographs.

Until recently the topic of women in prison was omitted from popular culture. The domain was occupied by men who were war prisoners or who tried to escape in elaborate manners. These photographs show universal aspects of womanhood; from the mother-daughter relationships, through friendships, to the notion of aging. Except all of them are set here in prison.

The prison in these photographs can be interpreted in a dual manner – on one hand it is the straightforward form of incarceration, yet on the other it represents forms of repression and confinement that women in the modern world experience on an everyday basis.

Photographer and director of “Jacinta” – Jessica Earnshaw – will meet with the audience on September 03, 04 and 05.