Roy Cohn/Jack Smith

Roy Cohn/Jack Smith
dir. Jill Godmilow/USA/1994/89 min.
Muranów, sala Gerard

From one of the seminal theatrical events of the 90's “Roy Cohn/Jack Smith” about homophobia and AIDS – Jill Godmilow has crafted a dramatically deft, comic and terrifying film diptych of queer-on-queer. Roy Cohn, the homophobic right-wing lawyer and sleazy back-room politico, thunders against the Sodom and Gomorrah of homosexuality at a banquet for the American Society for the Protection of the Family - while across town and light years away, the notorious underground filmmaker of “Flaming Creatures” fame, Jack Smith, in flamboyant harem drag, constructs his own private resistance theatre from fragments of Arabian Nights kitsch, avant-garde film feuds and passionate B movie camp.

Cohn and Smith had nothing in common except their homosexuality and their death from AIDS in the late 1980's. Vawter, who accepts and produces both men in his own voice and body, also died of AIDS, six months after the film was shot.


  • projection time:
    89 min.
  • country/year:
    USA /1994
  • director:
    Jill Godmilow
  • pictures:
    Ellen Kuras
  • production:
    Jonathan Demme, Ted Hope, James Schamus, Marianne Weems / Good Machine, Pomodori Foundation, The Laboratory for Icon & Idiom
  • awards :
    1994 – Toronto IFF, 1995 – Berlin IFF; 1995 – Jerusalem FF; 1995 – Minneapolis/St. Paul Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender FF; 1995 - Torino International Festival of Films About Homosexuality; 1995 – Boston Gay & Lesbian FF; 1995 – Melbourne & Sydney FF; 1995 - Troia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival; 1995 - Lisbon Arts Festival; 1995 – San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay FF; 1995 - Montreal Festival of Nouveau Cinema; 1995 – Galway FF; 1995 – Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian FF

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