Debate: How to cope with extreme emotions. Bipolar disorder following the screening of The Hero’s Journey to the Third Pole – a Bipolar Musical Documentary With Elephants, dir. Andri Magnason
Free art vs Lukashenko - meeting with the director of COURAGE
Debate: Will the teenage Greta Thunberg awaken the world? Following the screening of I Am Greta, dir. Nathan Grossman
Meeting: What can we learn from the history of queer revolution?
Meeting with Woman Grandmaster Agnieszka Brustman, who had played against the protagonists at a competition
Debate: Raising children in same-sex couples. Following the screening of All Together, dir. Marco Simon Puccioni
Debate: Who should have more power, corporations or governments?
Meeting: What does “childbirth with dignity” mean? Following the screening of Unseen, dir. Maia Martiniak
Debate: Does good censorship exist? Following the screening of Meet the Censors, dir. Havard Fossum
Meeting: Lesbian and queer archives… in Poland? Following the screening of The Archivettes, dir. Megan Rossman, and Leftovers, dir. Michelle Citron
Sensible Film Therapy: People hurt us, so people must help us
Meeting: Pinball and other fixations. Tales of the geeks. Following the screening of Cannon Arm and The Arcade Quest, dir. Mads Hedegaard
Meeting: How do they do it? The secrets of successful centenarians
Debate: The rises and falls of the alt-right. What’s coming after the Trump era? Following the screening of White Noise, dir. Daniel Lombroso
One Crazy Motorcycle Journey: Meeting with the creators of POZZIS, SAMARKAND
The Biggest Provocation in The History of Cinema: Meeting with Mads Brügger
Debate: Greta Thunberg and neurodiversity activism. Following the screening of I am Greta, dir. Nathan Grossman
Meeting: Travel (in) photos
Debate: The results of abortion bans. When the government persecutes instead of protecting
Meeting: Living with dogs in cities. Following the screening of Stray, dir. Elizabeth Lo
The Roots of a System of Oppression: Meeting with the creators of SONGS OF REPRESSION
In search for a new home. Meeting the director of “Flee” – Jonas Poher Rasmussen
Zbigniew Herbert: the shadows on the life of the eminent poet Meeting with director Rafael Lewandowski
Can you make a film about just anyone? Meeting with director Paweł Łoziński following the screening of The Balcony Movie
Global premiere of a film about Tadeusz Mazowiecki and a discussion
Can sport help cope with our lives? Meeting with the authors and protagonist of "Fury"
Coronavirus: the loneliness virus. A Polish perspective